April 25th Notes

ISCC April 25, 2014 Notes

Attendance: Edd Nolen, Julia Oliver, Kim Durand, Joe Lott, Elizabeth Schindler
Guests: Kathy Hoffman, Larry Larson

Secretary’s Report:
Kim Durand passed out the notes from last month’s meeting. The ISCC Application Form is still in draft. Nothing additional to report.

Guest Speakers:
Representatives, Kathy Hoffman and Larry Larson, from the Fairfax ISCC joined us to talk about their organization and discuss some of our similarities and our differences.

They consider themselves a forum to exchange information, discuss issues, opportunities and challenges. They hope to build relationships within the Fairfax City community and keep programs fresh and relevant.

They have a similar structure to ours with a President, Vice President, Secreatary and Treasurer, and they have their installation of officers in October (we have ours at the Annual Luncheon in November). Other ISCC members take on supporting roles as needed.

They meet monthly except July and August. Their meetings last 1 hour, but encourage social time after meetings for those who can stay. They publish a newsletter monthly as a resource, reference and historical record. They do invite guest speakers 2 times per year.

Their past activities have included Volunteer of the Year Program in August, Welcome Sign, Visits to Member Organizations, Contact with City Hall and Succession Planning.

In addition:
• They have 18 clubs as members.
• For their Volunteer of the Year award, they award 1 person from each club.
• In meetings, they focus on what is coming up, not what has past.
• They have an ombudsman who attends meetings of member clubs to inform them of the ISCC and the importance of their continued membership and participation.

Thoughts from our ISCC members:
• There is a group of teens who hold a Teen Volunteer Fair at Central Library in the fall. We should see if we can participate with them, or support them in any way.
• We should make sure we include County/School Board members in information mailings.
Sun Gazette Service Club Highlights Schedule:
May: Jaycees
June: Rotary
July: ?
August: ?
September: Zonta
October: Women’s Club
November: Lions Club
December: ?

Board Member Ambassadors:
Elizabeth has asked that we each try to attend meetings of other clubs to act as ambassadors of ISCC. Please be prepared at the next meeting to report on which meeting(s) you’ve attended.

Save-the-Date Activities:
Clarendon Day – September 27th
Annual Luncheon – November 19th at Knights of Columbus with similar program as last year

Welcome to Arlington Sign:
The Optimists has offered to take the lead on the sign and the addition of a sign somewhere in Arlington. We will keep you informed.

Many of our clubs offer scholarships. It was suggested that we pull together a spreadsheet of who gives what, when. Julia Oliver offered to spearhead this effort.

Next Meeting: May 30th 12:30 at Westover Library



March Update

Notes from our March Meeting

Attendance: Edd Nolan (Kiwanis), Jennifer (OAR and Jaycees), Phil Traina (Lions), Virginia McGee (Zonta), Joe Lott (Arlington Rotary), Elizabeth Schindler (Lions), Pat Koepsel (Civitans), Leandra Finder (Civitans), Kim Durand (Arlington Rotary).

Membership Application Form:
Kim is developing an on-line application form for members. Additional edits were suggested, including indicating the membership is $35.00. This sparked discussion around membership, which will be discussed and shared with the full ISCC when also considering updates to the by-laws. Some general comments/discussion was around
What does it mean to be a member vs. an affiliate member? Should we only have “service clubs” join? What is the definition of Service Club? On the Application Form, ask potential members to fill it out and then the ISCC will make the final determination of who is a member with full voting rights, vs. an affiliate member.

Treasurer: No activity since the late meeting.

Guest Speaker: Mark Riley, Race Director for the Turkey Trot joined us to share information about this annual event in Arlington. This year, it will be on November 27 at 8:00am, they are expecting up to 4,000 people! The two main charities of this event are Doorways for Women and Families, and Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless. Right now, they are looking for sponsors, promotional activities, virtual event bag goodies, etc. They’ll also need volunteers for the event. Mark will share additional information as it becomes available. The first event they have will be on May 15th at Pete’s Pizza with proceeds going to the Turkey Trot.


  • Elizabeth attended an optimist Club meeting, they will work on an additional site for a Welcome to Arlington sign.
  • Latino Festival – Phil and Joe will be attending on behalf of ISCC. If you have materials to hand out, bring them to Phil.
  • Clarendon Day – Karen is talking with Main Street Bank to see if we can work with them again this coming year.
  • Annual Lunch at KoC, Edd is talking with Congressman Moran’s assistant to see if he can be our speaker. As we get closer to the date, see what makes sense for the event. If we decide we want students to attend, we can reach out to Toni Andrews site.


  • Rotary – March 24th $50.00
  • Zonta – Wine Event on April 5 $50.00
  • ASCA – May 5th Event
  • Lions – Lions for Vets to get them more involved
  • Jaycees – April 12 Lee Hwy Clean-Up Day, April 14th meeting with Noah Simon as speaker, they meet on the 2nd Monday fo the month at 6:30 at Red Hot and Blue
  • April 9th OAR 2nd Chance Breakfast at 7:30am at Sheraton
  • Kiwanis April 26th Pancake Breakfast and Blueberries for Sale
  • Civitans – Garage sales start on Saturday, April 5th 7:00am – 1:30pm

Next Meeting: April 25 at 12:30 at Westover Library
On the Agenda – Leadership for Next Year!

February 2014 Update

Notes from our February, 2014 Meeting

Attendees: Elizabeth Schindler (Lions), Virginia McGee (Zonta), Chrystia Sonevysky (ASCA), Karen Albert (Zonta), Edd Nolan (Kiwanis), Julia Oliver (Women’s Club), Phil Traina (Lions), Joe Lott (Rotary), Leandra Finder (Civitans), Kim Durand (Rotary).

Treasurer Report:
Better Sports Club and the Rosslyn Rotary Club have paid. We have 7 paid members, with additional invoices going out this month.

Club Highlights:
We have had our first highlight in the Gazette featuring the Kiwanis. Upcoming we have ASCA in March, Civitans in April, Jaycees in May, Zonta in September, Woman’s Club iin October, Lions in November. June, July, August and December are still open.

Other ISCC in the area:
Phil and Elizabeth attended a Springfield ISCC meeting and shared how they run their meetings. There is an expectation that each club WILL send someone. Members include a library manager, which is where they meet. They also have a membership directory.

Membership Form:
Elizabeth shared a draft membership application form that we discussed and made suggestions to. When creating an application, we want to be welcoming and inclusive. This brought up the topic of affiliate members vs. club members. Who would be eligible for Man/Woman of the Year? We’ll need more discussion around this, but Kim will take a stab at drafting an application form for this group to review in March.

As new members come on, we should highlight them in some manner. Have an ambassador go to a meeting to engage them in ISCC, this will solidify the relationship and encourage them to come to meetings.

Other items of note:
• The ISCC has been asked to present an overview of our clubs, activities and volunteer opportunities at a Latino Roundtable hosted by Co. Board Member Walter Tejada on April 11th. Please bring some promotional pamphlets or flyers for upcoming fundraisers/events to the ISCC meeting on March 28th. We will put out a table to help attract new members and participation in our activities.
• The ISCC’s of Springfield and Fairfax with be joining at a future meeting.
• We are hoping one or two clubs step up and take the lead on construction of an additional “Welcome to Arlington” sign. If you are interested in participating on a committee to explore sites, let Elizabeth know.
• Arlington County Fair – Should we? Shouldn’t we? What do you think? We are going to ask someone from the Fair Board to join us at a future meeting to discuss.
• Annual ISCC Meeting will be on November 19th. We have reserved Knights of Columbus. We are going to ask Jim Moran is he would be our speaker, plus this would give us an opportunity to honor him for his service to our community.

January Update

We had a wonderful meeting on January 31, 2014 with attendance by The Women’s Club, Kiwanis, Arlington Sister City Association, Lions, Zonta, Rotary and Civitan Clubs.

Service Clubs in Action:
This is a partial list of some of the amazing things that Arlington’s Service Clubs support:

Civitans hold monthly garage sales, photos with Santa, and works with the Jaycees.  They focus on themes each month. http://arlington-fleamarket.com/About_Us.html

Kiwanis supports AFAC, Thrive, Teen Parenting Program and Key Clubs in the schools.http://www.arlingtonvakiwanis.org/

Lions support Leo Clubs, Glasses Donation Center, AFAC, and Doorways for Women. http://www.arlingtonhostlions.org/

The Arlington Women’s Club has a clubhouse and supports educational/cultural activities.  They are interested in partnering with other clubs to support the community. http://womansclubarlington.org/

Rotary supports an Interact Club at W-L, AFAC, Arlington Academy of Hope, Inova Blood Drives, and gives Scholarships. http://www.arlingtonrotaryclub.org/

Zonta’s focus is the status of women worldwide and they support Doorways for Women, AFAC, Women in Business and give scholarships to  Marymount University Nursing Students. https://www.facebook.com/ZontaClubArlingtonArea?ref=stream

Arlington Sister  City Association supports five sister city program, student exchanges from Germany and France and they’re gearing up for a 20th Anniversary for Germany and France. http://www.arlingtonsistercity.com/


Submit that information here: https://arlingtoniscc.wordpress.com/submit-an-event/

Our next meeting is on February 28th

Annual Luncheon & Man/Woman of the Year


Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

11:15am Social Hour | Noon Lunch Buffet

The Knights of Columbus

5115 Little Falls Road | Arlington, VA  22207

$30.00 Per Person

Make your reservations now by clicking here.


We are now accepting nominations for the Man/Woman of the Year On-Line!


To publicly recognize those individuals who make significant contributions to their club or organization and/or community.


Any club or organization in good standing as a member of the Inter-Service Club Council of Arlington (ISCC) is eligible to nominate a service club/organization member who has not previously received this award.

Nominees should strive to attend the annual ISCC Service Luncheon that will be held Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at the Knights of Columbus, Arlington.    The Social Time begins at 11:30am; the Luncheon commences at 12 noon.  Tickets are $30.00 per person.

Nominate someone for Man and/or Woman of the year by clicking here.

News to Know – August 23rd Edition

The ISCC met on August 23rd with representatives from Civitans, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Zonta, Arlington Sister City Association and Offender Aide Restoration (OAR).  Below are just a few of the highlights that we discussed.

Sun Gazette Ads: To promote our clubs, we have partnered with Metro Diner to place ads into the Sun Gazette.  Clubs will have the opportunity to submit a short blurb about their club for a 1/4 page ad that will include the Metro Diner logo.  In September, the ad will have Save-the-Date information for the ISCC Luncheon.  THANK YOU METRO DINER FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


What’s going on…

Civitan’s Garage Sales are up and running!  The first Saturday of every month from 7:00am – 1:30pm.  Their website has details: http://arlington-fleamarket.com/Home_Page.html

They are having a Picnic for members on  September 21st at Burke Lake Park in Shelter C.  All are welcome!

The Arlington Rotary Club is participating once again in the Monte Carlo Night on November 8th at the Fairview Marriott.  Tickets are $75.00 per person and include a dinner buffet, dancing, live auction, fun gaming, silent auction and prizes.  Go to their site for additional information: http://www.arlingtonrotaryclub.org/

The Arlington Sister City Association is supporting the Open World Delegation at the end of September and they are looking for host families.  They will have 6 delegates, ages 22 – 35: http://www.arlingtonsistercity.com/open-world-september-host-homes-needed-for-ukrainian-visitors/

Kiwanis was proud to have participated in the iCanBike program that teaches disabled youth to ride bikes.  They’ll be hosting their annual Installation Dinner on October 3rd.

The Zonta Club will again be selling White House Ornaments for $20.00.

The Lions Club held a dinner at Essy’s to raise funds for literacy projects.  Check the Lions out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arlington-Host-Lions-Club/123611424329121

Offender Aide Restoration (OAR) joined us for this meeting, they will once again be organizing Project Christmas Angel providing gifts to children of incarcerated parents: http://oaronline.org/oars-project-christmas-angel/

NAACP will be hosting a dinner on October 19th at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City. More information will be posted at a later date.


ISCC will be looking at expanding its membership to include service oriented organizations that are interested in joining.  We will be looking at the by-laws of ISCC, and exploring the implications.  We discussed inviting potential members to future meetings to gauge their interest.  We will work on an application form as well.

Clarendon Day

Join us on Saturday, September 28th from 11:00 – 5:00 at Clarendon Day!  We will be sharing a booth with Main Street Bank who have generously offered us space free of charge!  We will have materials to hand out, tattoos to give to kids and, of course, Jolly Ranchers!  We will have a sign with information as well as a clip board to capture names and information to follow-up with any potential members.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  If you can come for a few hours, please let us know: enjschindler@aol.com


ISCC Annual Luncheon

Our annual luncheon is on November 20th at Knights of the Columbus.  We need Silent Auction Items – if you have something to donate, please let Kim Durand know kdrotary@hotmail.com.

Man/Woman of the Year Nominations

Nomination forms are now ON-LINE! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JQ8LsjNuJhD9DRnxeaNbvBAm9TcFOm5tv_7GLLXaIdo/viewform

Nominations are due by October 31st.

Meeting Reminder – August 23!

Our next meeting is on Friday, August 23 at noon at Westover Library. Agenda items will include the ISCC Luncheon, Man/Woman of the Year among other items.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

FYI – ISCC’s partnership with the Leadership Arlington Youth Program lead to the donation of $1,000 to A-SPAN.  Thanks to all of the clubs that participated this year.

LAYP give's $1,000 to A-SPAN

LAYP give’s $1,000 to A-SPAN

May 24 Notes

Held at Westover Library from 12pm to 1:30pm

Presiding: Pres Elizabeth Schindler   
Members present: Shawn Kelly, Karen Albert, Phil Traina, Edd Nolen, Anita Nolen, Pat Koepsel, Virginia McGee
Clubs represented: Arl Host Lions, Zonta, Kiwanis Club of Arl, Civitans

Club News: 
Kiwanis of S. Arl held a Auction and Social
Rotary Club of Arl held a Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction
Arl Host Lions held a White Cane Day Fundraiser at various locations
Zonta held a Wine Tasting Fundraiser
Women’s Club of Arl  held a Community Shred, Bake Sale and Lions provided Vision/Hearing Screening
Coming up:
Kiwanis of Arl Blueberry Sale:  10 lb box for only $31  (great price !  blueberries freeze well)  see attachment for ordering info
American Legion Aux Post 139 Breakfast on Sunday June 2nd from 9a to 11a.   Homemade creamed chipped beef, made to order eggs bacon, sausage, etc…GREAT BREAKFAST  for $8 adults at Legion on Washington Blvd.
Civitan Sale:  Saturday June 1st W-L parking lot.  Sales starts o’dark early Sat am.
(If your club has a fundraiser or service project coming up in June, pass it on to us so we can help promote it !)

1– A big welcome to the American Legion Auxiliary Post 139–they have joined ISCC !!  Rumor has it that the American Legion Post 139 will soon be ready to sign up also.
2– Annual dues is trickling in — Karen Albert is soliciting contact updates and dues from our member clubs.
3–Pres Elizabeth has been visiting ISCC clubs in our effort to enthuse, enlighten and engage.   These visits have enhanced our ability to promote your club’s 
activities and spread the word about your fundraising efforts —   (I encourage you to get out there and do some cross-pollinating yourself !!!  I’ve learned so much  and am having fun in the process.)
4–Membership Chair Phil Traina to contact Salvation Army and Masons to encourage/invite to join.
5–Elizabeth to visit American Legion meeting in May and set to attend Women’s Club of Arl and Better Sports Banquet in June.
6–Karen still trying to update Links contact info — last letter was returned, new one sent out with another address.

Welcome Sign:
Better Sports and Optimists signs up.  Sign finished for now.  There is still space for clubs to add their sign; contact Elizabeth Schindler.

Treasurer’s Report:
Two clubs sent in their dues in April.  A check was cut and sent to Juan Sanchez for $200 to cover labor on Welcome sign.  Adequate funds available to support Leadership Arlington Youth program coming up.

Monthly ISCC Club Highlights in Sun Gazette:
After discussion, agreed to start monthly “highlights” first with History of ISCC with picture of refurbished Welcome Sign — hopefully to run in June.  Will follow with monthly installment of a service club “blurb” and picture.  We cued up Kiwanis for July — article already received from club, but need picture.  Zonta volunteered
for Aug.  Sept: OPEN   Oct:  Luncheon   Nov: Lions     We acknowledged that this is all dependent on space availability.

Again, we are aiming to highlight one club per month; let me know if you have a preference, otherwise we will just assign a month.  You will be given 4 to 6 weeks lead time to send the article/picture to Elizabeth for first review.  Please prepare as copy-ready as possible.  Just let is know if your club would rather not participate.

Annual ISCC Luncheon:
Date:  Decided on Wed Nov 20, 2013
Venue:   Discussion —  Ft. Myer was a great spot but difficult to access.  Karen to price Army-Navy CC, Wash Golf and CC and K of C.
Speaker:  Discussion — Political?  Tom Davis?  Tim Kaine?  Katie Couric?  Got any ideas?  any connections?  Everybody put their thinking caps on.
Program:  We didn’t discuss this at the meeting but I will check with Shawn Kelly to see if the International Assoc of Fire Chiefs is willing to sponsor and print the programs again this year.
Door Prizes:  YES
50/50:  YES
Presentation of Colors:  Discussion — suggested that if American Legion decides to join ISCC to invite them to do Flag Ceremony.  Arlington Career Center
Cadet Corps has been doing.  No decision made.  Any feedback welcome.

Clarendon Day:
Date:  Sat Sept 28, 2013
Do we want to participate:  YES
Elizabeth presented a poster board of potential ideas to engage adults and children.
Discussion:  1- Tent:  Karen will find out price for space AND check with Main St. Bank to see if they could sponsor us/ our tent
2-Application — not submitted yet
3-Activities     Discussion —  Bean Bag Toss — Pat will find Board and Bags to check condition.  Prizes for kids from Oriental Trading
Spinning Wheel — Solicit Gift Certs and post on large board of SPONSORS.  Place 2 certs and 2 “Lunch with Service Club”  per spin.   $1-2 per spin suggested.  As prizes won, cross off of SPONSOR BOARD.. running visual of what prizes are left.
(I stopped into Earl’s Sandwiches after the meeting.  Owner Stephen Dugan donated our first Gift Cert for  Clarendon Day for $25 !!!   AND I had a superb Cuban Club.   Thank you, Earl’s  !! )
Brochure Rack — WE ARE FISHING FOR MEMBERS AFTER ALL !!!  Each club will be encouraged to contribute
info about their club.  I called Mr. Karinshak and he will look for it.
Clipboard — “…I’d like more information about *** club”
Large Donation Bucket — Discussion:   Identify “to help support Leadership Arlington Youth Program.
Bell in Center of Tent — Ring it every time someone says, “I’d like more information about joining…”.
Discussed a couple of other ideas…will re-visit next meeting.

Next meeting: June 28th at Westover Library Large Conference Room 12:00 to 1:30 ish
Speaker:  Will be trying to get a rep from our newest member Am Legion Aux to fill us in on their wide array of activities and projects.

Speaker time will be limited to 20 min since we have a lot of business in the hopper.



Please send a REP from your club….helps us, helps YOU !!!!

Meeting adjourned at 1:30