Next Meeting – Friday, March 25, 2022

The next quarterly meeting will be on Friday, March 25, 2022

The quarterly ISCC meeting was held on Friday, August 27 at noon at the Arlington Woman’s Club – 700 Buchanan Street, South.

For those who cannot attend or do not feel comfortable attending, we understand.  Stay safe and healthy.


1. Welcome – Bushue

2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting – Boyd

3. Treasures Report – Lott

4. Old Business – Website

5. New Business – Upcoming annual meeting

6. Club Reports

7. Speaker – Annette Benbow, Arlington Historical Society – “A Historical Look at Arlington County”

8. Adjourn

Next Meeting


Notes from the January, 2017 Meeting

Attendance: Edd Nolan, Kiwanis; Elizabeth Schindler, Host Lions; Wilfred B. and Harro Wulf, South Arlington Lions; Virginia McGee, Zonta; Lisa Fikes, Leadership Center for Excellence; Richard Garrison, Rosslyn Rotary; Pat Koepsel, Civitans; Kim Durand and Joe Lott, Rotary.

Annual Luncheon Review:

We had a nice turnout and came out even on the payments with no outstanding payments at this time.  We will reserve the date now for 2017 at the Washington Golf and Country Club for November 15, 2017.  Speaker ideas include: Don Beyer, someone from Points of Light Foundation, others?

Board of ISCC:

  • Edd Nolan is the President
  • Joe Lott will continue as the Treasurer and will keep track of current members and payment information.
  • Kim Durand will be happy to help with the website, take notes at meetings and post items to Facebook.  Also send notes to this group.


We could post an announcement on Volunteer Arlington site (Lisa Fikes) looking for members for each of our clubs as well as for ISCC.  We could get more volunteers, and also, get more exposure.  Lisa is happy to meet with service clubs one-on-one, or she could give a briefing at our next meeting.

ISCC Mission:

Our website states that the Inter-Service Club Council of Arlington is an association organized in 1940 for liaison between the various service clubs/organizations of Arlington. Its purpose is to act as a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and the furthering of amicable relations between its member clubs/organizations.

ISCC objectives are:
  • To promote friendship, good will and understanding among the member clubs/organizations.
  • To coordinate projects among the various service clubs/organizations.
  • To discuss community problems and how member clubs/organizations can address them in an effort to make the community a better place in which to live.
  • To address the needs of member clubs/organizations in their efforts to recruit and sustain members.

There was some discussion of revising this to better suit our current mission.

ROUND ROBIN – What’s going on with your clubs?

Leadership Center for Excellence (Lisa Fikes) announced a Faith Leader Open House they will be hosting on May 2nd from 6:00 – 7:00.  ISCC could have an information table at the event to talk with the attendees.

Kiwanis (Edd Nolan) are selling Blueberries once again.  Get your order in now for June delivery.

Arlington Rotary (Joe Lott) announced their Spring Fundraiser for April 20th at the China Garden.  This fundraiser helps us with our Scholarships and our Annual Stipend for an Arlington Mill Student.

The South Arlington Lions is holding an Auction and Buffet at the Lyon Park Community Center on April 28th.

Rosslyn Rotary Club is holing a Musical Evening on May 20th.

Zonta is hosting the First Women’s Financial Health Seminar on March 18 at Marymount University.

The Civitans are starting up the Flea Markets the first Saturdays starting April 1st at the I-66 Parking Garage off of Quincy Street.

Host Lions holds a 5th Tuesdays Breakfast at the Metro Diner – the next one will be on Tuesday May 30th at 8:00am.

Arlington Sister City seeks Host Families

September 15th, 2016
Another opportunity to host our international students

and expand your family’s world!

Dear Friend of Arlington Sister City Association,

 Arlington Sister City Association is seeking host families for a group of Ukrainian students visiting Arlington October 6-16th.

As  part of its cultural exchange activities, students from Ukraine are arriving soon in Arlington.

The students’ ages range from 12 to 15 and we are looking to place these students with Arlington families that have children currently attending middle school or high school.

If you think you might be interested and able to support this wonderful opportunity of hosting a child from Ukraine for 10 days, 

Please contact :
Zeno Chaply via email:    or phone (703.532.0816), or  
Marybeth Zimmerman via email: 
or phone 703-615-1021 for additional information.

March 25 Notes

Inter-Service Club Council

March 25, 2016

Attendance: Joe Lott, Phil Traina, Pat Koepsel, Elizabeth Jones-Valderrama, Edd Nolen, Elizabeth Schindler, Emily Carnes, Kim Durand


Secretary – Notes from last meeting were reviewed.

Invoices were sent last month.

Treasurer – will check the mailbox and will put together a list of renewals and who still needs to pay up.  OAR is joining, Rotary of Pentagon is hopefully back.

Membership – See handout from Phil Traina

Welcome To Arlington Sign:

Reach out to LINKS to get a new sign.

30″ diameter road sign, if you get the sign, we’ll get it up.

Kim will contact LINKS to see if they want to have a sign up.

Elizabeth will contact The Guy who will put the sign up.

Civitans will be looking into getting their sign up too.

Possibly add an additional Rotary sign.

Rotary needs to take down the sign that says date and location.

Should we have an additional site for the “Welcome To” sign.


Collect Data on Scholarships and Other Supports:

The goal is to show ACG or APS how much we support financially.

Joe and Kim will continue to pound the pavement on this.


Speaker Referral Service:

Joe is working on it and will submit to us a proposal of what that might look like.  On our site, a photo, bio, and list of talks offered, along with where they have spoken.


There’s a document that they will have to sign. Joe will continue to work on it.


Annual Luncheon:

The deposit will go towards the luncheon with a member sponsoring it.  Edd is on the line for the amount if we skip out.


November 16, 2016

Edd will sponsor it.

Joe will give her a check.

We charged $35.00 per person, they charged $30.00 per person.


Annual Man/Woman of the Year plus a Keynote Speaker

Potential speakers? Need to think on this.


Issue for Arlington South Lions

Emily reports looking for a new place to sell our trees.  If anyone has an idea, contact Emily. No parking, and will continue to be a problem.

Better Sports Club MORE INFO

Want more people to advertise for their Sports Banquet.

June 1st – need info two weeks prior: May 15.

$110 for a full page.  Sponsorships are also available and they get to give the award.

Encourage clubs to sign up for a whole table.

Emily is the current president.


Arlington Rotary Club MORE INFO

AREF Banquet at China Garden on April 21, 2016 6:30 – 9:30

Looking for Sponsors (and their name will go on the award)

$2,000 | $4,000 | $8,000 sponsorships available

DC Masons support us as a donor.

We award $8,000 to a HS Student, a $8,000 to a Continuation program, $ support to Arlington Academy of Hope.

Joe would like to ask members of ISCC to donate items for raffle and we will put them all together – a raffle an ISCC Basket (Elizabeth has a donation from Lions)

Joe handed out the flier and the Auction Item donation sheet.

Or come to dinner!  It is an amazing amount of food.

We are currently accepting applications, it closes on April 8th.  The information is available on our website.



Wine Seminar – April 9, 3:30 – 6:00 at Arlington Cemetery Women in Military Service for America Memorial – $50 per person.  Learn about wines from all over the world – appetizers, silent auction and a wonderful evening.  Get tickets at



Elizabeth sill has honey and maple syrup.

Streamlined Lions for Vets program (handouts) – not all Lions clubs are participating, it is not a nationwide program.

April 23 – Earth Day Project 12:00 – 1:00 at Potomac Overlook Regional Park.  Leo clubs are also invited.  Not sure which project they’ll be working on, but the park usually suggests something.

April 30 – Eye Glass 10:00 – 12:00 with Pizza Party to help sort and clean glasses.



Annual Breakfast on April 6, 2016 – they are FULL!  Very exciting.  They also do tours 2x a month for 1 hour, look on their site for additional information –

Shout out to OAR  – they support so many of our organizations!



April 30 – Pancake Breakfast 606 N. Irving Street 8:00 – noon.

Blueberry sales – Edd Nolen will get them to you!


Civitans MORE INFO

Yard Sales are on the first Saturday’s of the month.

April 2 – at the I-66 Garage

Volunteer to help with set-up on Friday night, and then on Saturday 1 – 4:00 for clean-up.

$15.00 an hour for volunteers to help.

Citizenship Banquet on May 17th for High School Students

Scholarships – $1,000-2,000 to the great students to have


NEW BUSINESS – Recycling Electronics for Veterans

Phil suggests that as an organization, ISCC could benefit from this.

Joe and Phil will discuss and create a proposal for next meeting.


Possible Future Agenda Item

On-Line Payment Options

Keynote Speaker for November 16, 2016


Next meeting is on May 27th – (Kim will check on room)

ISCC Notes

Here are the notes from our meeting today:
1) Luncheon Wrap-Up
2) Meeting Schedule for the Year
3) Year Ahead
4) Membership
5) What’s coming up…

1) Lunch Wrap-Up:
Hearing no complaints about the venue or food, we will proceed to secure the Washington Golf & Country Club for our Annual Luncheon on November 16, 2016. This past year, we had 102 people attend. The only thing we need to try to do better is to get an accurate number of attendees so that there is enough food, and places for people to sit. This past year, several of us did not have places to sit. Edd Nolan will talk to the club and make arrangements for the reservation. During future meetings we will discuss potential speakers and additional information.

2) Meeting Schedule for the Year:
We determined that we will meet 4 times this year:
March 25, May 20, September 23 and October 30th at Courthouse Plaza in the Birch Room (106) unless otherwise indicated.
Meetings will be held from 12:30 – 1:30 – With only 4 meetings, we hope that EVERY CLUB will send a representative.

3) Year Ahead:
We have 5 items to pursue this year –

Continue to support Leadership Arlington’s Youth Program in the amount of $1,000.00.
Promote educational stipends, grants and scholarships so that we may gain a better understanding of how much $ our clubs mean to Arlington’s youth.
Ask new County Board members to present at future meetings so we can learn about their priorities and give them some information about us.
Speaker referral system so that when any of our clubs has an excellent speaker, we can share that information among our clubs.
Video or radio promotion, possibly through AIM or others to promote service clubs, our activities and important messages.

4) Membership
Every club should have a representative at these meetings. Do the clubs realize that? Although we want new members, we also want current members to participate!

The Annual Luncheon Program could be adapted to use as a brochure/handout to promote the ISCC and get additional members.
Joe will update the document and will send it electronically so we can share it widely.
Invoices for membership dues will be mailed to clubs early next week.

5) What’s coming up…
Now – Blueberries! If you would like to sign-up to get your blueberries from the Kiwanis, contact Edd Nolan –

April 21st Arlington Rotary Club Foundation’s China Garden Dinner
April 22nd Kiwanis Club’s Pancake Breakfast

Lions for Vets Update:

The Arlington Host Lions Club are raising funds to support organizations who help military veterans and their families. Please help them by donating your used consumer electronics. Mobile phones, laptop computers, Kindles and Book Readers, hand held game consoles, digital cameras and other electronics can be dropped off at NVRC. (small electronics only) Your support will help raise needed income to assist our veterans programs as well as keep electronics from environmentally unsafe landfills.
Contact Elizabeth Schindler at

Thank you – I hope you will be able to attend our next meeting on March 25th.

February 27

Notes from our February 27th meeting:

Attendance: Arlington Rotary Club (Kim and Joe), Kiwanis (Edd), Zonta (Virginia), Kiwanis South (Harro), Rosslyn Rotary (Dan).

The meeting began with a presentation by Miriam Miller of Opera NoVa. Miriam shared their vision and how they are a community organization seeking moral support from Service Organizations. or contact Miriam directly at

Film Shorts – Joe has been speaking with Jim Egenrieder regarding creating 10-12 short videos to support clubs for YouTube. They are seeking a grant to work on this on our behalf.

Youth Activity Survey – Kim submitted a draft for everyone to look at and will make a few changes, adding the amount of time and or money is given to youth.

ISCC/Sun Gazette – Joe will talk with the Metro Diner to see if they are willing to support this effort for another year. Pick your month now! During the meeting, Harro with Kiwanis South club requested April.

Luncheon – We are considering having the event at the Washington Golf & Country Club this year on November 18th. If you’re interested in helping on this committee, please let us know.

What’s happening:

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast May 2nd 8am – Noon 
They’re also selling blueberries again, get your orders in now! Contact Edd Nolen:

Zonta Wine Seminar April 18th 3:30 – 6:00pm

Arlington Rotary Club China Garden Banquet April 23 6:30-9:00pm

January 2015 Notes

Here are some of the highlights from the last meeting:

Attendance: Civitans (Pat), Zonta (Virginia), Rosslyn Rotary (Mert), Leadership Arlington (Austin), Women’s Club (Julia), Arlington Rotary (Kim and Joe).

Treasurer: We have $3,290 in the account. Invoices for membership will go out next month. Dues are $35.00.

Discussions included:
What is our main purpose – our website states:
The Inter-Service Club Council of Arlington is an association organized in 1940 for liaison between the various service clubs/organizations of Arlington. Its purpose is to act as a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and the furthering of amicable relations between its member clubs/organizations.
ISCC objectives are:
• To promote friendship, good will and understanding among the member clubs/organizations.
• To coordinate projects among the various service clubs/organizations.
• To discuss community problems and how member clubs/organizations can address them in an effort to make the community a better place in which to live.
• To address the needs of member clubs/organizations in their efforts to recruit and sustain members.
What do we do?
Leadership Arlington Youth Program – Austin offered to write some additional information for consideration, but overall, yes, this is something we should continue at $1,000.00.
Man Woman of the Year
Annual Luncheon
Clarendon Day (maybe not)
County Fair (No)
Monthly Meetings – LAST Friday’s of each month at 12:30

If we want new members, we should go out ant meet with clubs and promote ourselves. We also should reach out to members who are not around the table to talk with them and solicit their participation.
Speaker Referral Benefit:
We should maintain a list of excellent speakers available for members. This would be a great benefit as each of us books speakers for our meetings.
Calendar of Events:
Try to create a listing of what is happening, a combined calendar of annual events with dates, title, and link to the club’s site.
Scholarship Clearing-House:
Pull together a list of all of the scholarship and/or events that benefit APS students.
Every club should report to us what they do so that we can keep track of, and help advertise, the important work that each of our clubs do.

Create a Youth Activities Survey (Kim will draft something) that will include grade level, scholarships, youth clubs, awards and/or contests.

Invitation to Participate in Resident Forum

We write today to ask for your organization’s assistance. As you may be aware, the County and School Boards have launched The Arlington County Facility Study – a Plan for the Future, a citizen-led process designed to “build a consensus regarding facility location principles and criteria that will inform the County and School Board decision making … in the context of Arlington and the region’s projected 5, 10, and 20 year economic and demographic growth.” The full charge and the members of the resident Study Committee is on the Facilities Study website.
As part of the Study Committee process, a Resident Forum has been established. We envision that the Study Committee will meet regularly with the Resident Forum to discuss issues and gather feedback and ideas. In addition, through the course of 2015, a number of educational forums will be held at which the community at large will be welcome.
While any Arlingtonian may participate in the Forum, we particularly want to be sure that community organizations like yours have a voice in the work of the Study Committee. To that end, we are hoping that you will help us in the following ways:
1. Identify a person who is willing to receive information from the Study Committee and ensure that it is shared with others in your organization. In addition, should feedback be sought, we’d hope this person would transmit it back to the Study Committee.
2. Identify someone formally as your representative (to include an alternate if you wish) in the Resident Forum.
Please have them sign up for the Resident Forum.
Meetings are likely to begin in February so we hope that you could provide this information to us no later than the morning of February 6th. If you have specific questions, please contact staff coordinator Susan Bell.
Thank you so much for considering this request. We firmly believe that this community has the will and ability to develop the needed consensus to support thoughtful decision making for years to come.

Mary Hynes Chair, Arlington County Board
James Lander Chair, Arlington School Board

August 22 Meeting Notes

NOTES FROM Aug 22, 2014
In attendance:  Arl Host Lions-Elizabeth Schindler and Phil Traina, Arl Civitans: Pat Koepsel, Arl Sister City: Chrystia, Arl Jaycees: Leandra Finder

Clarendon Day Sept 27, 2014   11am to 5pm:  ISCC will be sharing a tent with Main St. Bank.  Will be smaller space than last year.  Main St. will be setting up tent.  We won’t know location until morning of event.  Not enough room to have activity as last year.  Will display any promotional pamphlets or event flyers supplied by clubs.   Please bring any materials to be handed out/displayed by Friday Sept 26th regular meeting at Westover Library.
Club members needed to staff booth especially from 2p to 5p in one hour shifts. 
Please contact Elizabeth Schindler at 703-598-8266 with your availability.

ISCC sponsors the Leadership Arlington Youth Program Philanthropy Day Grant!  With donations from each of our member clubs, we are able to sponsor the LAYP program by allowing them to donate $1,000.00 to an Arlington Non-Profit.  This year, the youth donated the money to the Arlington Street Peoples Assistance Program, A-SPAN.  President Elizabeth and Kim Durand attended the graduation ceremony where they awarded the grant and LA thanked ISCC for their continued support.  Each ISCC membership club is encouraged to donate $100 each to support this effort. 

Upcoming Club Events/Fundraisers:

Civitan’s Open Air Flea Market
1st Sat of each month thru November at
lot next to W-L High School
contact:  Leandra Finder

Civitans and Jaycees Photos with Santa at Ballston
Nov 27th to Dec 24th
contact:  Leandra Finder

Arlington Sister City looking for Host Families
Students from Germany and Ukraine coming to
Arlington in October.  Please contact : for more information

Getting ready for ISCC annual luncheon set for Wed. Nov 19th where the 2014 ISCC Man and Woman of the Year will be crowned.   Door opens at 11:15 to review Silent Auction items, check out the CLUB TABLES (table space will be available for any clubs/organizations to spread promotional pamphlets/flyers —  It’s Always Wise to Advertise !! )  and schmooze a little.   Get your club’s nominations for Man and Woman of the Year in by October 31 using the following link:  The Nomination form can also be found on the ISCC website:

Congr. Jim Moran is slated to be our Keynote Speaker — we’re working on a special presentation in honor of his many years of public service.  We’re also planning to have Marymount students join us as last  year — we will be looking for clubs/individuals to sponsor 20-25 students by covering the cost of their lunch.  It was great having such accomplished and engaged young people share our tables, wasn’t it?  

It’s been a great year of service; don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate each other all we’ve been able to accomplish !!!

June 27th Notes

NOTE: Its not too early to think about Man/Woman of the Year Nominations!
The Annual Luncheon is on November 19th (see below for further details).

Notes from June 27th meeting:


Participating again in Clarendon Day, Sept 27th.    Calling on all Clubs to bring their brochures, flyers for upcoming events and fundraisers for display at the ISCC booth.  Last year, various clubs came out in their Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions regalia to promote  Club Membership — You Have To Go Fishing To Catch Any Fish !!!  Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to spread the word on the good work that you do.

Mark your calendars for our Annual Man and Woman of the Year Luncheon — Nov 19, 2014.  We will gather again at the Knights of Columbus with doors open at 11:15, luncheon at 12 noon.   This year we are honored to have as our Keynote Speaker, retiring Congressman Jim Moran.  The ISCC will be presenting him with a special token of our appreciation for his many years of Community Service.  We are encouraging each service club to bring pamphlets and pictures to highlight your year’s accomplishments.   We really want to showcase the tremendous about of effort and money that our clubs put back into our community.  And we have FUN doing it !!!!  So, update your brochures.  Don’t have one?  Make one !!!  You Need Worms To Go Fishing !!!   It will be a great time; make sure you encourage your new members especially, to attend.  They will be motivated and inspired as they grow in service with one another.  Then again, aren’t we inspired each time we enjoy lunch and fellowship with our Service Peers !!

Membership:   Invoices will be going out this fall for your annual dues of $35.  Dues helps the Council to print promotional material, maintain the Welcome to Arlington sign on Washington Blvd and your dues helped to sponsor Leadership Arlington’s Youth Program.  The ISCC donates $1,000 to be used in a very unique way.  The students are tasked with researching and visiting various non-profit organizations in Arlington.  This affords them the invaluable opportunity of learning close up and personal about some
organizations they never knew existed.  The students then come together, present their findings, make a case for the non-profit they feel is most worthy and in need of the $1,000 they have received from us.  This year, the students voted to give the $1,000 to ASPAN.   Isn’t that a GREAT learning experience?!!   It is a wonderful way to nurture young philanthropists, isn’t it??    Each year, we reach out to member clubs, YOU, to contribute to this $1,000 gift.   Please consider sending $100 from your club to help support this Annual Program–please make a check out to the Inter-Service Club Council with Youth program in the memo line.  It is the one thing that we can say we do as a Council for community good.

We are hoping to have several Masonic Lodges joining our Council by our Annual Luncheon, as well as welcoming back the Historical Society. Please look for our ISCC meeting dates and times — it’s a great way to advertise what your club is about and what activities/fundraisers you have coming up.

Yours in service together,

Lion Elizabeth Schindler
ISCC President