March 25 Notes

Inter-Service Club Council

March 25, 2016

Attendance: Joe Lott, Phil Traina, Pat Koepsel, Elizabeth Jones-Valderrama, Edd Nolen, Elizabeth Schindler, Emily Carnes, Kim Durand


Secretary – Notes from last meeting were reviewed.

Invoices were sent last month.

Treasurer – will check the mailbox and will put together a list of renewals and who still needs to pay up.  OAR is joining, Rotary of Pentagon is hopefully back.

Membership – See handout from Phil Traina

Welcome To Arlington Sign:

Reach out to LINKS to get a new sign.

30″ diameter road sign, if you get the sign, we’ll get it up.

Kim will contact LINKS to see if they want to have a sign up.

Elizabeth will contact The Guy who will put the sign up.

Civitans will be looking into getting their sign up too.

Possibly add an additional Rotary sign.

Rotary needs to take down the sign that says date and location.

Should we have an additional site for the “Welcome To” sign.


Collect Data on Scholarships and Other Supports:

The goal is to show ACG or APS how much we support financially.

Joe and Kim will continue to pound the pavement on this.


Speaker Referral Service:

Joe is working on it and will submit to us a proposal of what that might look like.  On our site, a photo, bio, and list of talks offered, along with where they have spoken.


There’s a document that they will have to sign. Joe will continue to work on it.


Annual Luncheon:

The deposit will go towards the luncheon with a member sponsoring it.  Edd is on the line for the amount if we skip out.


November 16, 2016

Edd will sponsor it.

Joe will give her a check.

We charged $35.00 per person, they charged $30.00 per person.


Annual Man/Woman of the Year plus a Keynote Speaker

Potential speakers? Need to think on this.


Issue for Arlington South Lions

Emily reports looking for a new place to sell our trees.  If anyone has an idea, contact Emily. No parking, and will continue to be a problem.

Better Sports Club MORE INFO

Want more people to advertise for their Sports Banquet.

June 1st – need info two weeks prior: May 15.

$110 for a full page.  Sponsorships are also available and they get to give the award.

Encourage clubs to sign up for a whole table.

Emily is the current president.


Arlington Rotary Club MORE INFO

AREF Banquet at China Garden on April 21, 2016 6:30 – 9:30

Looking for Sponsors (and their name will go on the award)

$2,000 | $4,000 | $8,000 sponsorships available

DC Masons support us as a donor.

We award $8,000 to a HS Student, a $8,000 to a Continuation program, $ support to Arlington Academy of Hope.

Joe would like to ask members of ISCC to donate items for raffle and we will put them all together – a raffle an ISCC Basket (Elizabeth has a donation from Lions)

Joe handed out the flier and the Auction Item donation sheet.

Or come to dinner!  It is an amazing amount of food.

We are currently accepting applications, it closes on April 8th.  The information is available on our website.



Wine Seminar – April 9, 3:30 – 6:00 at Arlington Cemetery Women in Military Service for America Memorial – $50 per person.  Learn about wines from all over the world – appetizers, silent auction and a wonderful evening.  Get tickets at



Elizabeth sill has honey and maple syrup.

Streamlined Lions for Vets program (handouts) – not all Lions clubs are participating, it is not a nationwide program.

April 23 – Earth Day Project 12:00 – 1:00 at Potomac Overlook Regional Park.  Leo clubs are also invited.  Not sure which project they’ll be working on, but the park usually suggests something.

April 30 – Eye Glass 10:00 – 12:00 with Pizza Party to help sort and clean glasses.



Annual Breakfast on April 6, 2016 – they are FULL!  Very exciting.  They also do tours 2x a month for 1 hour, look on their site for additional information –

Shout out to OAR  – they support so many of our organizations!



April 30 – Pancake Breakfast 606 N. Irving Street 8:00 – noon.

Blueberry sales – Edd Nolen will get them to you!


Civitans MORE INFO

Yard Sales are on the first Saturday’s of the month.

April 2 – at the I-66 Garage

Volunteer to help with set-up on Friday night, and then on Saturday 1 – 4:00 for clean-up.

$15.00 an hour for volunteers to help.

Citizenship Banquet on May 17th for High School Students

Scholarships – $1,000-2,000 to the great students to have


NEW BUSINESS – Recycling Electronics for Veterans

Phil suggests that as an organization, ISCC could benefit from this.

Joe and Phil will discuss and create a proposal for next meeting.


Possible Future Agenda Item

On-Line Payment Options

Keynote Speaker for November 16, 2016


Next meeting is on May 27th – (Kim will check on room)