ISCC Notes

Here are the notes from our meeting today:
1) Luncheon Wrap-Up
2) Meeting Schedule for the Year
3) Year Ahead
4) Membership
5) What’s coming up…

1) Lunch Wrap-Up:
Hearing no complaints about the venue or food, we will proceed to secure the Washington Golf & Country Club for our Annual Luncheon on November 16, 2016. This past year, we had 102 people attend. The only thing we need to try to do better is to get an accurate number of attendees so that there is enough food, and places for people to sit. This past year, several of us did not have places to sit. Edd Nolan will talk to the club and make arrangements for the reservation. During future meetings we will discuss potential speakers and additional information.

2) Meeting Schedule for the Year:
We determined that we will meet 4 times this year:
March 25, May 20, September 23 and October 30th at Courthouse Plaza in the Birch Room (106) unless otherwise indicated.
Meetings will be held from 12:30 – 1:30 – With only 4 meetings, we hope that EVERY CLUB will send a representative.

3) Year Ahead:
We have 5 items to pursue this year –

Continue to support Leadership Arlington’s Youth Program in the amount of $1,000.00.
Promote educational stipends, grants and scholarships so that we may gain a better understanding of how much $ our clubs mean to Arlington’s youth.
Ask new County Board members to present at future meetings so we can learn about their priorities and give them some information about us.
Speaker referral system so that when any of our clubs has an excellent speaker, we can share that information among our clubs.
Video or radio promotion, possibly through AIM or others to promote service clubs, our activities and important messages.

4) Membership
Every club should have a representative at these meetings. Do the clubs realize that? Although we want new members, we also want current members to participate!

The Annual Luncheon Program could be adapted to use as a brochure/handout to promote the ISCC and get additional members.
Joe will update the document and will send it electronically so we can share it widely.
Invoices for membership dues will be mailed to clubs early next week.

5) What’s coming up…
Now – Blueberries! If you would like to sign-up to get your blueberries from the Kiwanis, contact Edd Nolan –

April 21st Arlington Rotary Club Foundation’s China Garden Dinner
April 22nd Kiwanis Club’s Pancake Breakfast

Lions for Vets Update:

The Arlington Host Lions Club are raising funds to support organizations who help military veterans and their families. Please help them by donating your used consumer electronics. Mobile phones, laptop computers, Kindles and Book Readers, hand held game consoles, digital cameras and other electronics can be dropped off at NVRC. (small electronics only) Your support will help raise needed income to assist our veterans programs as well as keep electronics from environmentally unsafe landfills.
Contact Elizabeth Schindler at

Thank you – I hope you will be able to attend our next meeting on March 25th.