January 2015 Notes

Here are some of the highlights from the last meeting:

Attendance: Civitans (Pat), Zonta (Virginia), Rosslyn Rotary (Mert), Leadership Arlington (Austin), Women’s Club (Julia), Arlington Rotary (Kim and Joe).

Treasurer: We have $3,290 in the account. Invoices for membership will go out next month. Dues are $35.00.

Discussions included:
What is our main purpose – our website states:
The Inter-Service Club Council of Arlington is an association organized in 1940 for liaison between the various service clubs/organizations of Arlington. Its purpose is to act as a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and the furthering of amicable relations between its member clubs/organizations.
ISCC objectives are:
• To promote friendship, good will and understanding among the member clubs/organizations.
• To coordinate projects among the various service clubs/organizations.
• To discuss community problems and how member clubs/organizations can address them in an effort to make the community a better place in which to live.
• To address the needs of member clubs/organizations in their efforts to recruit and sustain members.
What do we do?
Leadership Arlington Youth Program – Austin offered to write some additional information for consideration, but overall, yes, this is something we should continue at $1,000.00.
Man Woman of the Year
Annual Luncheon
Clarendon Day (maybe not)
County Fair (No)
Monthly Meetings – LAST Friday’s of each month at 12:30

If we want new members, we should go out ant meet with clubs and promote ourselves. We also should reach out to members who are not around the table to talk with them and solicit their participation.
Speaker Referral Benefit:
We should maintain a list of excellent speakers available for members. This would be a great benefit as each of us books speakers for our meetings.
Calendar of Events:
Try to create a listing of what is happening, a combined calendar of annual events with dates, title, and link to the club’s site.
Scholarship Clearing-House:
Pull together a list of all of the scholarship and/or events that benefit APS students.
Every club should report to us what they do so that we can keep track of, and help advertise, the important work that each of our clubs do.

Create a Youth Activities Survey (Kim will draft something) that will include grade level, scholarships, youth clubs, awards and/or contests.