February 27

Notes from our February 27th meeting:

Attendance: Arlington Rotary Club (Kim and Joe), Kiwanis (Edd), Zonta (Virginia), Kiwanis South (Harro), Rosslyn Rotary (Dan).

The meeting began with a presentation by Miriam Miller of Opera NoVa. Miriam shared their vision and how they are a community organization seeking moral support from Service Organizations. http://operaguildnova.org/ or contact Miriam directly at mcdm1@verizon.net.

Film Shorts – Joe has been speaking with Jim Egenrieder regarding creating 10-12 short videos to support clubs for YouTube. They are seeking a grant to work on this on our behalf.

Youth Activity Survey – Kim submitted a draft for everyone to look at and will make a few changes, adding the amount of time and or money is given to youth.

ISCC/Sun Gazette – Joe will talk with the Metro Diner to see if they are willing to support this effort for another year. Pick your month now! During the meeting, Harro with Kiwanis South club requested April.

Luncheon – We are considering having the event at the Washington Golf & Country Club this year on November 18th. If you’re interested in helping on this committee, please let us know.

What’s happening:

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast May 2nd 8am – Noon http://www.arlingtonvakiwanis.org/Page/21254 
They’re also selling blueberries again, get your orders in now! Contact Edd Nolen: nolensinva@verizon.net

Zonta Wine Seminar April 18th 3:30 – 6:00pm

Arlington Rotary Club China Garden Banquet April 23 6:30-9:00pm