Invitation to Participate in Resident Forum

We write today to ask for your organization’s assistance. As you may be aware, the County and School Boards have launched The Arlington County Facility Study – a Plan for the Future, a citizen-led process designed to “build a consensus regarding facility location principles and criteria that will inform the County and School Board decision making … in the context of Arlington and the region’s projected 5, 10, and 20 year economic and demographic growth.” The full charge and the members of the resident Study Committee is on the Facilities Study website.
As part of the Study Committee process, a Resident Forum has been established. We envision that the Study Committee will meet regularly with the Resident Forum to discuss issues and gather feedback and ideas. In addition, through the course of 2015, a number of educational forums will be held at which the community at large will be welcome.
While any Arlingtonian may participate in the Forum, we particularly want to be sure that community organizations like yours have a voice in the work of the Study Committee. To that end, we are hoping that you will help us in the following ways:
1. Identify a person who is willing to receive information from the Study Committee and ensure that it is shared with others in your organization. In addition, should feedback be sought, we’d hope this person would transmit it back to the Study Committee.
2. Identify someone formally as your representative (to include an alternate if you wish) in the Resident Forum.
Please have them sign up for the Resident Forum.
Meetings are likely to begin in February so we hope that you could provide this information to us no later than the morning of February 6th. If you have specific questions, please contact staff coordinator Susan Bell.
Thank you so much for considering this request. We firmly believe that this community has the will and ability to develop the needed consensus to support thoughtful decision making for years to come.

Mary Hynes Chair, Arlington County Board
James Lander Chair, Arlington School Board