April 25th Notes

ISCC April 25, 2014 Notes

Attendance: Edd Nolen, Julia Oliver, Kim Durand, Joe Lott, Elizabeth Schindler
Guests: Kathy Hoffman, Larry Larson

Secretary’s Report:
Kim Durand passed out the notes from last month’s meeting. The ISCC Application Form is still in draft. Nothing additional to report.

Guest Speakers:
Representatives, Kathy Hoffman and Larry Larson, from the Fairfax ISCC joined us to talk about their organization and discuss some of our similarities and our differences.

They consider themselves a forum to exchange information, discuss issues, opportunities and challenges. They hope to build relationships within the Fairfax City community and keep programs fresh and relevant.

They have a similar structure to ours with a President, Vice President, Secreatary and Treasurer, and they have their installation of officers in October (we have ours at the Annual Luncheon in November). Other ISCC members take on supporting roles as needed.

They meet monthly except July and August. Their meetings last 1 hour, but encourage social time after meetings for those who can stay. They publish a newsletter monthly as a resource, reference and historical record. They do invite guest speakers 2 times per year.

Their past activities have included Volunteer of the Year Program in August, Welcome Sign, Visits to Member Organizations, Contact with City Hall and Succession Planning.

In addition:
• They have 18 clubs as members.
• For their Volunteer of the Year award, they award 1 person from each club.
• In meetings, they focus on what is coming up, not what has past.
• They have an ombudsman who attends meetings of member clubs to inform them of the ISCC and the importance of their continued membership and participation.

Thoughts from our ISCC members:
• There is a group of teens who hold a Teen Volunteer Fair at Central Library in the fall. We should see if we can participate with them, or support them in any way.
• We should make sure we include County/School Board members in information mailings.
Sun Gazette Service Club Highlights Schedule:
May: Jaycees
June: Rotary
July: ?
August: ?
September: Zonta
October: Women’s Club
November: Lions Club
December: ?

Board Member Ambassadors:
Elizabeth has asked that we each try to attend meetings of other clubs to act as ambassadors of ISCC. Please be prepared at the next meeting to report on which meeting(s) you’ve attended.

Save-the-Date Activities:
Clarendon Day – September 27th
Annual Luncheon – November 19th at Knights of Columbus with similar program as last year

Welcome to Arlington Sign:
The Optimists has offered to take the lead on the sign and the addition of a sign somewhere in Arlington. We will keep you informed.

Many of our clubs offer scholarships. It was suggested that we pull together a spreadsheet of who gives what, when. Julia Oliver offered to spearhead this effort.

Next Meeting: May 30th 12:30 at Westover Library