March Update

Notes from our March Meeting

Attendance: Edd Nolan (Kiwanis), Jennifer (OAR and Jaycees), Phil Traina (Lions), Virginia McGee (Zonta), Joe Lott (Arlington Rotary), Elizabeth Schindler (Lions), Pat Koepsel (Civitans), Leandra Finder (Civitans), Kim Durand (Arlington Rotary).

Membership Application Form:
Kim is developing an on-line application form for members. Additional edits were suggested, including indicating the membership is $35.00. This sparked discussion around membership, which will be discussed and shared with the full ISCC when also considering updates to the by-laws. Some general comments/discussion was around
What does it mean to be a member vs. an affiliate member? Should we only have “service clubs” join? What is the definition of Service Club? On the Application Form, ask potential members to fill it out and then the ISCC will make the final determination of who is a member with full voting rights, vs. an affiliate member.

Treasurer: No activity since the late meeting.

Guest Speaker: Mark Riley, Race Director for the Turkey Trot joined us to share information about this annual event in Arlington. This year, it will be on November 27 at 8:00am, they are expecting up to 4,000 people! The two main charities of this event are Doorways for Women and Families, and Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless. Right now, they are looking for sponsors, promotional activities, virtual event bag goodies, etc. They’ll also need volunteers for the event. Mark will share additional information as it becomes available. The first event they have will be on May 15th at Pete’s Pizza with proceeds going to the Turkey Trot.


  • Elizabeth attended an optimist Club meeting, they will work on an additional site for a Welcome to Arlington sign.
  • Latino Festival – Phil and Joe will be attending on behalf of ISCC. If you have materials to hand out, bring them to Phil.
  • Clarendon Day – Karen is talking with Main Street Bank to see if we can work with them again this coming year.
  • Annual Lunch at KoC, Edd is talking with Congressman Moran’s assistant to see if he can be our speaker. As we get closer to the date, see what makes sense for the event. If we decide we want students to attend, we can reach out to Toni Andrews site.


  • Rotary – March 24th $50.00
  • Zonta – Wine Event on April 5 $50.00
  • ASCA – May 5th Event
  • Lions – Lions for Vets to get them more involved
  • Jaycees – April 12 Lee Hwy Clean-Up Day, April 14th meeting with Noah Simon as speaker, they meet on the 2nd Monday fo the month at 6:30 at Red Hot and Blue
  • April 9th OAR 2nd Chance Breakfast at 7:30am at Sheraton
  • Kiwanis April 26th Pancake Breakfast and Blueberries for Sale
  • Civitans – Garage sales start on Saturday, April 5th 7:00am – 1:30pm

Next Meeting: April 25 at 12:30 at Westover Library
On the Agenda – Leadership for Next Year!