February 2014 Update

Notes from our February, 2014 Meeting

Attendees: Elizabeth Schindler (Lions), Virginia McGee (Zonta), Chrystia Sonevysky (ASCA), Karen Albert (Zonta), Edd Nolan (Kiwanis), Julia Oliver (Women’s Club), Phil Traina (Lions), Joe Lott (Rotary), Leandra Finder (Civitans), Kim Durand (Rotary).

Treasurer Report:
Better Sports Club and the Rosslyn Rotary Club have paid. We have 7 paid members, with additional invoices going out this month.

Club Highlights:
We have had our first highlight in the Gazette featuring the Kiwanis. Upcoming we have ASCA in March, Civitans in April, Jaycees in May, Zonta in September, Woman’s Club iin October, Lions in November. June, July, August and December are still open.

Other ISCC in the area:
Phil and Elizabeth attended a Springfield ISCC meeting and shared how they run their meetings. There is an expectation that each club WILL send someone. Members include a library manager, which is where they meet. They also have a membership directory.

Membership Form:
Elizabeth shared a draft membership application form that we discussed and made suggestions to. When creating an application, we want to be welcoming and inclusive. This brought up the topic of affiliate members vs. club members. Who would be eligible for Man/Woman of the Year? We’ll need more discussion around this, but Kim will take a stab at drafting an application form for this group to review in March.

As new members come on, we should highlight them in some manner. Have an ambassador go to a meeting to engage them in ISCC, this will solidify the relationship and encourage them to come to meetings.

Other items of note:
• The ISCC has been asked to present an overview of our clubs, activities and volunteer opportunities at a Latino Roundtable hosted by Co. Board Member Walter Tejada on April 11th. Please bring some promotional pamphlets or flyers for upcoming fundraisers/events to the ISCC meeting on March 28th. We will put out a table to help attract new members and participation in our activities.
• The ISCC’s of Springfield and Fairfax with be joining at a future meeting.
• We are hoping one or two clubs step up and take the lead on construction of an additional “Welcome to Arlington” sign. If you are interested in participating on a committee to explore sites, let Elizabeth know.
• Arlington County Fair – Should we? Shouldn’t we? What do you think? We are going to ask someone from the Fair Board to join us at a future meeting to discuss.
• Annual ISCC Meeting will be on November 19th. We have reserved Knights of Columbus. We are going to ask Jim Moran is he would be our speaker, plus this would give us an opportunity to honor him for his service to our community.