April 26th Meeting Presentation


Our meeting this month is on Friday, April 26th at Noon at the Westover Library. 

1644 North McKinley Rd  | Arlington, Virginia 22205


We will have a presentation this month that will help each of our clubs

accept online donations by credit card or eCheck!


Tom Cary and Billy Freesmeier with Main Street Bank will be joining us to talk about AirCharity:


AirCharity is designed to not only help you accept online donations by credit card or eCheck in a very low cost manner, but then those who donate have the ability to become an advocate for your cause by sharing their experience through social media (facebook, twitter and email) to virally spread your message, and most importantly a donate button to encourage other’s to contribute. It allows you to reach an audience you would never otherwise have access to and costs you nothing to do so. By donors posting your “widget” (logo, message and “donate” button) socially, everyone following them learns about your cause and has the opportunity to donate right then and there, and then they share with their friends, and so on and so on. 


Please forward to your club treasurer, web master, and/or social media guru!


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