January 2013 Meeting Notes

Attendance: Edd Nolan, Elizabeth Schindler, Tricia Hines, Joe Lott, Pat Kopsel, Emily Carnes, Karen Albert, Shawn Kelley, Kim Durand, Harro Wulf

President Elizabeth called the meeting to order just after noon, beginning by thanking Past President Kim Durand for her years of service.  Kim was awarded a coveted bag of Baby Bell Oranges from the Lions.


  • Get to baseline
  • Improve internal and external communications
  • Update on Welcome to Arlington Sign
  • Events for ISCC Participation
  • Monthly Club Highlights for Sun Gazette


ISCC objectives are:

  • To promote friendship, good will and understanding among the member clubs/organizations.
  • To coordinate projects among the various service clubs/organizations.
  • To discuss community problems and how member clubs/organizations can address them in an effort to make the community a better place in which to live.
  • To address the needs of member clubs/organizations in their efforts to recruit and sustain members.

Keeping that in mind, what are some ways we can enhance what we’re already doing?  Are there new ideas for how we can support these goals?

Elizabeth will work on a packet of information for each of the members that will include by-laws, current membership, club meeting dates, time and locations.

Financial Info

Karen reported that 12 clubs have not paid, but that a dues letter will go out to bring everyone up to date.  Once this information has been updated, then a regular billing cycle will be set.

Current expenditures inclulde:

  • Annual Luncheon
  • PO Box
  • Leadership Arlington Youth Philanthropy Project

Improve Communications


  • Informational packet for each of us and for new members to have a better understanding of ISCC
  • Visit other clubs so that we can talk about ISCC during their regular meetings
  • Share good speakers for clubs that are looking for weekly speakers


  • Correct website link
  • Include website and blog link in e-mails
  • Update brochure
  • Facebook/Blog – Kim will keep up-to-date
  • LinkedIn and PlaceSpace – Joe will create and update

Welcome ot Arlington Sign

Pat shared that she thought the sign was wonderful and thanked Elizabeth for her work in spearheading that effort.

Elizabeth will be working on a few items to tweek the sign to make it even better: Enlarge the sign a bit, place it a bit higher on the posts, take down members who are no longer current, and add member signs that need to be updated.


  • County Fair
    • It was determined that ISCC will not participate in the County Fair this year with a table.  However, we will look into purchasing an advertisement in the program that will go to the distribution of the Sun Gazette.
  • Clarendon Day
    • Members felt this would be a good use of time and money.  Kim will contact Matt Hussman to inquire about dates and costs associated.  Games with prizes and information about clubs will be available at this “booth”.
  • Taste of Arlington
    • Edd said that he would follow-up with the Ballston Partnership to get more information about dates and fees for this event that is usually in May.  This will be an event similar to Clarendon Day.
  • Other Events?
    • As we hear about events in Arlington, we should keep ISCC in mind and how we might participate.
    • Are there free things we could look into?  Tables at restaurants?


This year, the ISCC will have speakers featured every other meeting.  If anyone has some ideas, please share them with Elizabeth.

Luncheon Committee

All ready planning for the Annual Man/Woman Service Club Member of the Year!  The committee includes Karen, Kim, Elizabeth and Emily.  If there is anyone else who would care to join in the planning for the lunch, please let Karen Albert know.

Meeting Dates/Times

The ISCC Meetings will be held on the fourth Friday on each month at 12:00.  The location will be determined and posted here and/or sent through e-mail reminders.


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