May 23 ISCC Notes

Thank you to everyone who attended our social meeting last night at William Jeffrey’s Tavern on Columbia Pike.  The catfish was yummy!

We talked about the topic of membership that each of our clubs is facing.  We didn’t come up with any magic pill, but we did have a couple of questions to explore:

  • What motivates people to join a service club?
  • How do we make sure that Arlingtonians know about our clubs?
  • Can we reach parents through the youth activities that we provide?

Idea for a PR Event: Could ISCC host a Happy Hour to benefit (name a non-profit) where we also get to talk to the community about what we do.  Go to Witlows or some other location that has a separate bar, each of the clubs pitch-in to buy some appetizers and maybe 1 drink ticket per non-service club member.  $10.00 cover (or whatever) goes to the non-profit.

Idea for Fellowship Fundraiser: It was also suggested that perhaps ISCC could holds its own fellowship poker night.  There would be a $100.00 buy in.  The winner would split the money with ISCC and the rest would go to their club treasury.  A nice night to get to know one-another, and raise money as well.

Welcome To Arlington Sign:
Special thanks to Elizabeth Schindler, John Karinshak, Shawn Kelley and Mike Stevens for taking inventory of the exsisting sign and making suggestions for all of our clubs.  Here is their report:

  1. Structurally sound, no immediate safety red flags.  Several bolts need to be covered.
  2. 3 signs missing:  Welcome to  Arlington, Salvation Army and Links
  3. Soroptimist sign needs to be 30″ in diameter — same size as other signs
  4. Lions phone number and Rotary meeting info needs to be checked for current accuracy
  5. Sign is obstructed by overgrown tree
  6. Need to verify that each organization represented is in good standing with ISCC
  7. Are there any clubs not represented that want to be?  ie:  Better Sports Club
  8. Zonta is in most need of replacement.  Other signs are sound but faded.

If you are purchasing a sign, please do so immediately.  We want to get this sign spruced up ASAP.  If you have any questions, please contact Kim Durand,

Annual Luncheon & Man/Woman of the Year:

November 14th – LOCATION: Ft. Myer
More information will be coming, but SAVE THE DATE!


  • Our next meeting will be on Friday, June 22nd at Sequoia Plaza at Noon.
  • Our next social meeting will be on September 20th at 7:00pm – Location TBD (thinking Ballston Area).


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